“Ann has the extraordinary ability to bring out the very best in people.”



“It’s hard to put into words your influence and the positive role you’ve played in my success in such a short time, Ann. The keys to our beach house are yours. Bring your family. Any time.”

– Global Corporate Healthcare Executive, New Jersey, Client (From Ann: Looking at where we started… where we went together… and what this leader accomplished… blew us both away!)


 “Ann Ulrich is a dynamic leader. She has a fantastic ability to inspire, motivate and help individuals and teams drive to a higher level of achievement. I highly recommend her keynotes, seminars and coaching.”

– Chuck Halstenson, CEO, Prism Clinical Research, Adjunct Professor University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy (from Ann: what a gift to inspire such an inspired and generous leader of leaders, as Chuck!)


“Ann Ulrich has the extraordinary ability to bring out the very best in people. I highly recommend Ann’s Seminars for anyone who hopes to discover their inner bold. You will be glad you attended.”

– Bruce Bauman, Senior Leadership Consultant (from Ann: I appreciate Bruce’s encouragement to keep going!)


“I want to congratulate you again on your leadership and your entrepreneurship style. You are quite a role model, Ann. I hope you will keep inspiring Confidence and Self-Leadership in our current and future leaders.”  

– Reatha Clark King, PhD. Board Chair, NACD, National Association of Corporate Directors (from Ann: Reatha has been an admired mentor of mine for many years, long before she ever knew it ;)


“All these years, I thought it took being an extrovert to be a confident leader. You’ve shown me how to lead in my own bold way. Thank you for teaching us that our Quiet Confidence can be boldest of all.”

– Accomplished Business Owner, Entrepreneur (from Ann: this one stopped me in my tracks and helped me become keenly aware of the need to be allowed and to be encouraged and feel empowered to bring our best, in our own way.)


“Pure awesomeness! Loved every minute of BE BOLD!!! I feel energized and ready to take on the world!”

– Natalie Petersen, First Grade Teacher, Wayzata School District (from Ann: when your daughter raises her hand and pays full price to learn from you, well, is there any greater gift. Natalie went on to attend graduate school and helped lead a new technology-related initiative with her principal and second-grade students. A leader of future leaders!)


“Self-awareness and reflection are key to creating success by encouraging us to identify areas of strength (to build confidence!) and opportunities for improvement (to inspire action!). The good news is that, with practice, we can refine those skills. Ann Ulrich asks the right questions (or rather, she gives me the right questions to ask myself…) to empower me to recognize for myself what I can do to be more effective in my work and in my life.”

– Alyson Borrell, Design Engineer, 3M (from Ann: Inspired client mentee’s like Alyson teach me so much!)


“Ann Ulrich is gifted at helping people manage pressure-packed situations. Her voice of wisdom and experience calms people down, and her clear and unwavering belief in the potential of each person, in any situation, instantly builds Confidence. I’m grateful to Ann for helping me manage new situations as I create new success with Confidence, Coolness, and Grace.”

– Senior Executive, Executive Coaching Client (from Ann: calm, confident leadership is sooooo under-rated.)


“This is hard for me. I’m not courageous in public speaking. In Ann’s presentation she taught us to stop looking for others to make us successful, that my success is up to me. Ann inspired me to own my success and helped me find new courage and confidence. I’m going to keep going in Engineering. I was ready to quit! Instead of quitting, I’m going to believe in myself again! I’m sorry for crying. This just means the world to me.”

– Engineer, Canada, courageously shared in standing-room-only closing session, international women in engineering leadership conference. (Update from Ann: one year later I received a passionate Christmas letter and yes, she is still in engineering (yay!) and volunteers as a summer camp counselor inspiring others, sharing it forward. How very cool is that. Her tears has me, well, in tears! xoxo)


“Your presentation was down-to-earth and engaging… real, relevant and relatable… fun and inspiring!  

Your success action cards and our table discussions led to wonderful conversations with other women business and community leaders, and with our daughters on the way back home…”

– Hormel Foods, Women’s Leadership Initiative (from Ann: Buy Skippy. And Spam. And any Hormel product – this great company quietly spreads their positive impact, investing in the people leading and living in the communities they serve.)


“Ann, please come to speak and mentor us in India! I am an engineer and I love my work but I have no one who teaches me Confidence – no one who inspires me the way you do. Even in that one hour – I learned so much!  Please come.”

– Engineer, IEEE Women In Engineering, International Leadership Conference (from Ann: you don’t need to change the whole world, just change your own perspective and then inspire one other person to change their own – and your positive impact will eventually spread, touching lives across the globe.)


“Come to Dubai!”

– Dubai Engineer, IEEE Women In Engineering, International Leadership Conference (from Ann: I’d love to!)


“I love the simplicity and brilliance Ann Ulrich brings to her coaching sessions, speaking engagements and online communications. She has an amazing way of bringing out the BEST in YOU with her ability to break things down into very tactical steps that keep you focused, energized and create Confidence. I’ll definitely be watching for future opportunities where I can attend more sessions. In the meantime, I’m gleaning the gems she provides from her BOLD blog – small nuggets, perfect for digesting and implementing.”

– Aimee Cheek, Digital Marketing Manager, AmeriPride Services (from Ann: Aimee is a great reminder of how seeing the best in others is a reflection of first inspiring the best in yourself.)


“I experienced Ann Ulrich’s BOLD! Keynote and her energy, message and enthusiasm for leading and living boldly resonated with me on a level I hadn’t felt with other speakers I’d heard in the past.

I realized it was her sincerity behind the message that made the difference.

Ann wasn’t up there speaking just to speak, she genuinely cared, wanted people to do better and achieve more – her heart was behind her words. Years after experiencing BOLD, I still put into practice Ann’s messages and have gone on to do things I doubt I would have been bold enough to do had it not been for her inspiring words.

Ann has the ability to speak and connect with everyone in the room, yet you feel like she is only talking with, and encouraging, you.

Over the years I’ve kept Ann updated on the special moments in my life when I pushed the envelope and lived boldly – she always replies with encouragement and enthusiasm. She is genuinely thrilled to know that her BOLD message is making a difference in work and life for the people she encounters. If you want a leader, speaker and trusted guide who is about real people and real situations – and whose message will stick – hire Ann.”

– Kathy Zappa, Business To Business Sales Consultant, Experian (from Ann: the greatest compliment I could receive is when speaking to a group, you felt as tho I was speaking directly to encourage only you. Which is always my goal. The magic of it all. Thank you.)


“My biggest takeaway from Ann Ulrich’s BOLD Seminar? Confidence = Leadership! I needed that gold nugget of truth more than anything! I now take pride in my new found Confidence and I look forward to boldly leading from “the front” as well as quietly leading “from the rear” (much like a shepherd leads his sheep). I am doing – and will continue to DO ONE BOLD THING – everyday!”  

– Rae Thompson, former Oncology Nurse, now Nutrition Club Business Owner, Flame Nutrition (from Ann: ah, true passion personified, that is this leader called Rae!)


“Ann Ulrich is FANTASTIC. Check out her BOLD events and treat yourself! You won’t be disappointed. You’ll be inspired to ASK for what you want.”

– Cindy Trainor, Account Manager, Printing Enterprises Inc. (from Ann: to earn the professional respect of a long-time friend as Cindy, is a gift I cherish. Wholeheartedly.)


“Awesome program folks… Ann Ulrich is top notch!”

– Susan Krautbauer, Executive Vice President, IT Sales Solutions (from Ann: encouraging words from leaders in technology like Susan inspire me to keep on courageously bringing my gifts to work with clients in industries where at first glance, I don’t appear to fit.)


 “Attending BEST BOLD U! has already had a positive impact – personally and professionally. After your event, I met with my realtor, made an offer – and will be closing on my first home purchase.

I have been thinking about this for months and was finally inspired to take action!

On a professional development note, I am so glad my manager supports me in not only my attending BOLD! – also investing in your Coaching Package.

Thank you SO much for our coaching session at the Saint Paul Hotel. Our conversations were awesome! We dug deep, we explored my first comment to you: ‘I am a major Introvert’, and you truly helped me learn more about myself. So many ways I can immediately apply your cool tools and strategies to create new success at work.

I wanted to share the huge difference I already notice: I find myself making sure to identify and document what BOLD thing I took action on today…

 Immediate Lightbulb: My newest out-of-my-comfort-zone action happened moments after my meeting with you ended: I stayed to talk to a leader I normally wouldn’t have… boom, that was BOLD :)  So I am already realizing how I am holding myself accountable in the areas we identified. What else was uncomfortable that I’ve already accomplished?  Standing my ground with an extremely difficult client through a 30-minute phone call.  That was BOLD, super confidence building, too! 

Pretty cool stuff, Ann.

You are so right that I’m already doing it, I just need to recognize when I am, pat myself on the back, and stay focused on my goal of taking action to be more confident in my decision making… and stretching myself beyond what seems comfortable.  These BOLD actions you’ve inspired in me are already building, and will continue to build my confidence, ownership, AND self-leadership. 

5 years ago, I would never have done any of these things. Even yesterday afternoon before we met, I wouldn’t have given myself credit even if I had!

I would have continued through my daily motions… not seeing, and therefore missing… opportunities to build my confidence through recognizing and taking new BOLD actions.

Thanks, Ann. You truly do help others help themselves!”

– Young Professional, Corporate Marketing, Seminar Participant, Executive Coaching Client


“Thank you Ann, for your courage and for being so inspirational. You inspire me to be a better me.”

– Seminar Client


“It’s been a whirlwind since I decided to return to work after a few years at home with our young kids. After experiencing Ann Ulrich’s keynote, Ann took the time to give me wonderful advice on networking, being BOLD, owning my work/life calibration, and being proud of my choice to focus on my young family. 

Ann’s networking advice helped me to land a challenging and rewarding job. I’m thrilled to be what Sheryl Sandberg calls a “Career Loving Mom”. Thanks for the inspirational work you do, Ann! I’m looking for ways to be BOLD everyday. ;)”

– Jessica Preus, Sales Reporting Analyst, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management


“LOVE Ann’s enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. She took the time to speak with each of our event sponsors to find ways to weave their values into her keynote presentation – very effective.”

– Brent Opall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor – Management, University of Wisconsin – Superior


“Need a life/career boost and can’t get an audience with Chopra, Hay, Dyer, TED? My choice? Ann Ulrich and her BOLD Seminar score an A+ ! Do yourself a favor. Attend!” 

– Ann Wimmer, PROGNOSE Trend Merchandising Methodology, Home Decor & Fashion Apparel


“Thank you for your honesty and openness regarding the adversity you’ve overcome in your career and how you’ve leveraged those experiences to pursue your professional dreams. It’s so rare for women to speak openly of these professional challenges and I’m thankful you opened that door in your keynote presentation today and gave all the attendees “permission” to be just as candid. It was such a refreshing conversation – and there is so much to be gained by women having these open dialogues – thank you for starting the conversation!”

– Jessica Goldburt, Finance Manager, Global Business Solutions, General Mills


Ann, you were the brilliant Ruby (my favorite gem) of the day. Your BE BOLD Seminar was more than I expected. You spoke your mind and shared the truth of your experiences, which allowed and encourages us all to keep it real. An inspiring combination teamed-up with your strategies. I plan to return this Spring with a few others beside me!

– Direct Sales Leader


“I asked and my manager sponsored my registration for both BE BOLD SEMINARS and Ann Ulrich’s coaching package. I asked for this as both personal and professional development, knowing Ann will inspire me to new success as I grow in my current role. I’ll be sharing my learnings in a follow-up presentation with our corporate team. I’m excited for this opportunity to continue to learn from and work with Ann!”

– Young Professional, Engineer, Fortune 100


“Thank You Ann, for encouraging me to BELIEVE IN MYSELF again! 

– Patti Chesbrough (attended after being downsized from a career position she loved, courageously announced her home-based business, and suddenly her facebook post filled with people raising their hand to fill her first class!)


“Ann Ulrich’s BE BOLD SEMINARS will benefit so many people.  I think an afternoon like today gives everybody permission to take a deep breath and think about what it is they want for themselves and what it is they want to bring to the world. 

We get so busy with the day to day tasks of life, all of a sudden a day turns into a week, turns into a month, year, and pretty soon you wonder – how did I get here?  And then comes a sense of urgency that we have to do something, and with that urgency comes a bit of panic, etc. 

Today gave me the chance to focus, take a breath, think, feel, examine and listen – to you and to what spoke to me.” 

– Kathy Zappa, Business To Business Sales Consultant, Experian


“Ann is very capable in helping you think outside the box. She teaches you how to be creative when looking for solutions to solve a problem and communicates her concepts in an easy to understand manner. I highly recommend Ann to put “spark” into your organization to help the employees learn how to make some BOLD moves that advance both themselves and your company.” 

– Cory Miller, CCIM, Associate Vice President, NAI Everest


“Ann, I wanted to let you know the timing of your BOLD SEMINARS event couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I was invited to be part of a new AM radio program geared toward Baby Boomer interests. I would be the expert host on employment for the boomer population.

I was mulling it over, a little self doubt, finding reasons not to do it, too busy, what to do every week, what do I bring to the table that a boomer would find value… a lot of head trash that I needed to clean out. 

After attending your BE BOLD,  I realized I needed to *Select Myself For Success!* by setting myself up for success instead of thinking why I couldn’t be successful. 

I believe that in this “Minnesota Nice” environment, we were raised to be humble and not to stand out too much, with our unique talents. So therefore, a common mindset is  “how could someone else teach me” to be more confident, own your success, Be BOLD, become a more effective networker thru mindfulness, techniques to reconnect with your network, when we’re raised in this part of the country to NOT stand out – in fear of rocking the boat…

Ann, I wanted to let you know how much I respect your honest and genuine approach to your speaking, and your trusted advisor style of coaching. Remember, “It’s the world’s lucky day, because they get to hear from Ann Ulrich today!”

– Joe McKenzie, Creator & Trainer, Ripple Connects Networking


“Thank You for kicking off our New Year at SHiFT with your positive energy and BOLD strategies. We were inspired by the lively table topic conversations you led with your DO ONE BOLD THING. and SHIFT YOUR OLD TO BOLD! success action cards. I’ll be in touch regarding a professional group in Chicago who will want to bring in your inspired message of Self-Leadership and Owning It!”

– Board Member, SHiFT


“…we’re inspired by your intellect and innovation.”

– Wells Fargo, Leadership Summit and Corporate Work/Life Initiative

“Ann, keep inspiring others to be great!”

– National Leadership Conference, Roche Pharmaceutical

“Every corporate mentorship program in America needs Ann Ulrich’s message of BOLD self-leadership.”

– Executive Mentorship Program, Carlson Companies

“Phenomenal, Ann! You left us feeling empowered, confident and ready to inspire leaders on our teams!”

– Best Buy, National Stores Sales Leadership Conference


“Has There EVER?? been a Keynote Speaker at Best Buy who got Dirty with us, building a Habitat Home For Humanity alongside us in yesterday’s sweltering Miami heat… PLEASE JOIN ME IN WELCOMING – AND THANKING – OUR KEYNOTE SPEAKER, ANN ULRICH!”

– My Favorite (Unexpected!) Speaker Introduction Ever, by the host of Best Buy’s National Stores Sales Leadership Conference

“Ann Ulrich is poised and professional. She knows how to engage an audience and connect… clear, concise, and fun!”

– Boston Scientific, GROW Leadership Forum

“Your advice, your passion, your expertise and your ability to connect…are desperately needed.”

– John Stavig, Gary S. Holmes Center For Entrepreneurship, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

“Ann Ulrich puts the Soul behind the Steel.”

– Owner, International Disaster Recovery Company

“We are still receiving rave reviews about your BOLD keynote at our networking event. Thank You, Ann!”

– Membership Director, The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis

“Ann, I just returned from your breakfast keynote. What a wonderful way to start my day! I feel so relaxed and focused after coming out of your presentation. Did you plan it that way or was I just in the right place at the right time?”

– Senior Events Marketing Specialist, ADP Claims Services Group

“THANK YOU for your wonderful presentation today. The way your keynote was promoted inspired me, so my expectations were quite high. I wasn’t disappointed in the least…you were terrific!! Thanks for your great energy and worthy messages.”

– Senior HR Manager, Hennepin County

“Not only was your presentation intelligent, informative and inspirational, you were real and refreshing. I took pages of notes and absolutely LOVED The BOLD Factor: Leadership DVD. As a young professional developing my career, I don’t think I will ever forget the clarity you placed on my work and life in a matter of 30 minutes. You were amazing Ann. I cannot wait for your book!”

– Emerging Leader, Simon Property Group

“Ann, you are dynamite! I was very moved by your power-packed presentation. I took away many significant nuggets for bigger results in my work and life. Your presence, your style, and your smile are positively contagious. Your BOLD! messages, wrapped into your video at the end, were awe-inspiring and truly invigorating.”

– Sales & Marketing Leader, LandAmerica Commercial Services

“Flipping through channels last night on a Desperate Housewives commercial break, I happened to catch your appearance on Sandra Wakefield’s show. You are amazing on television (as in person). I ended up missing the end of Desperate Housewives, which is testament to your powerful charisma.”

– Editor in Chief, Women’s Business Minnesota

(I post this cherished testimonial in honor and memory of its author, editor in chief, my writing mentor, champion and friend Carol Leach, who passed away way too early. – Ann)

“As a mom, career woman, volunteer addict and wife, I also wear numerous other hats. I often find myself wondering how to continue with strength, and how to inspire others (am president of a volunteer group). Your keynote presentation and video really overwhelmed me…just what I needed…keep up your important work!”

– Inspired Leader, Family, Home, Work and Community

“We loved your Keynote, message and video at Mom-Camp! We’ve heard from many attendees that you touched both their hearts and minds. Your BOLD! message, to lead from wherever you are in work and life, was motivational and inspiring. Thank you for the care you took in tailoring your message to our audience. We’d highly recommend you to any organization or corporation looking to ignite self-motivation and leadership in their teams.”

– Mom-Camp Co-Founders

“Thank you Ann, for sharing your many nuggets of wisdom and truth at our national conference. I was especially impressed with your character. It’s evident that you ooze integrity and that what you teach – is what you live. I was motivated and inspired and will use your BOLD tools to pursue excellence, but not just in business – in who I am and what I am about. Thank you so much for communicating how important that is. Rarely do I leave a seminar or conference knowing that what I’ve just learned will stay with me forever. Thank you for having a giant spirit and for sharing it with others!”

– Owner, Amazing Space Design, ReDesign Business Owners Conference and HGTV Auditions, Orange County, CA

“Thanks for being an expert resource when it comes to Getting Noticed, Ann! Your insights and expertise ended up a huge part of my article on Communicating Value for corporate meeting planners nationwide, which appears in Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine. Thanks again, ”

– Writer, Corporate & Incentive Travel, California

“As always Ann, feedback from your The BOLD! Factor segment on our Girl Talk Radio Show was terrific! You have sooo much energy and enthusiasm and it comes through every time! We love your unique perspective and your powerful Tips + Takeaways that our listeners can put to immediate use. We’re thrilled to have made a lasting connection with you and The BOLD! Factor…as you say: oh, the possibilities!”

– Girl Talk with Kath & Mo….a radio talk show for women! Boston/Hartford

“Ann, you jumpstart my thinking in new and different ways every time I talk with you. You’ve had a profound effect on me personally as well as my business. Thanks a million.”

– President/owner, consulting firm specializing in nonprofit leadership

“I was delighted to participate in Ann Ulrich’s Ignite! + Get Noticed seminar at the Minneapolis Women’s Expo. Every available seat at the Women’s Business Minnesota Magazine Business Stage was taken: a standing room only power presentation! I enjoy captivating seminars that are engaging and interactive like Ann’s…the audience and I were always excited to hear what was next. It’s clear that Ann is a pro; she shares valuable and practical information and practices what she teaches. I enjoyed learning that I already practice some of Ann’s principles and plan to implement others immediately. What a treat. You’ll have to attend and see for yourself!”

– Publisher, Women’s Business Minnesota Magazine

“Thanks, Ann, for sharing your practical tips and powerful strategies on success with the media when you presented “When The New York Times Calls, Will You Be Ready?” at our Working Solo Business Gym teleforum. Your insights gave our solo business owners solid information they can use to pursue media relationships as they build their companies. Your knowledge and enthusiasm ignited endless creative opportunities for solo professionals — your comments continue to create ripples of success.”

– Founder and President, Working Solo, Inc.

“Ann engaged our students and corporate staff as they focused on igniting their leadership skills. They left the session energized and believing in themselves! Ann has a vibrant personality that brings energy to a room. I highly recommend Ann Ulrich for any engagement that encompasses generating positive energy and leadership skills.”

– Manager, Best Prep’s Minnesota Business Venture Program

“You can expect a call from our Lodging Division, Ann. Our vice president remembers the positive impact from your workshop and how it boosted the image and presence of our property managers who attended. Your expert consultation and guidance in positioning our new policies exceeded our expectations.”

– Director, Resident Division, Property Management Firm

“I have worked with Ann Ulrich for over five years, and her knowledge of the fashion industry is undisputed. She’s a powerful advocate for her clients, and her sharp insights have made a big impact on our styling over the years. Due to Ann’s influence, we’ve moved from boxy and oversized to flattering fits. Her professional approach and extensive industry contacts make her a valuable asset to our company.”

– Senior Buyer, National Retailer, Corporate Headquarters

“Leave it to Ann Ulrich to take a bummer of a life event and transform it into a stellar life event. Ann’s nationally-recognized manual is enlightening, illuminating, and encouraging at the same time. You know what to do. Get Ann’s BOLD plan.”

– Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing book series and Founder, The Guerrilla Marketing Association

“Ann, what a terrific guest you were on my radio program. You were prepared and professional in sharing your important information about celebrating and moving on during life transitions. Our listeners loved your little book of memories. Your ideas, energy and optimism are infectious.”

– Host, WS Radio, “Coping with Caregiving”

“Knowledgeable, articulate, and quotable, Ann Ulrich is a reporter’s dream of a person to interview. Regards,”

– Reporter, The New York Times

“Often times in school we feel like we’re given so much unnecessary information, so thank you for giving us something so helpful and inspiring. You’ve brought out the spirit of entrepreneurship in all of us.”

– Senior Business Management Student

“Ann Ulrich will move you to new heights in your personal and professional life. Her message is powerful. Her approach is unique, exciting, and compassionate. As guest expert and speaker for my teleseminar series, Ann was compelling, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable. Ann Ulrich is phenomenal! A pro, through and through.”

– President, Five Star Leader


BOLD GIVEBACK:  Ann Ulrich donates a portion of DO 1 BOLD THING.™ product sales to support and champion individuals taking positively bold action.


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