Let Props Of Your Life Keep You Real

Let Props Of Your Life Keep You Real?  Yes. That.

photo-65Here’s a pic from a recent Keynote, speaking to 400.

Here’s a better close-up: photo-68

Oh and about those props, here ya go:photo-66

Every prop is a *favorite or humorous thing* representing a BOLD Nugget I weave into real-life stories to help make The BOLD! Factor strategies come to life… and stick.

Leaving a few props untouched is a purposeful BOLD strategy representing the need to leave room in our work and life for Curiosity and Uncertainty.

My favorite prop is, well, I can’t name a favorite. Lots more where these came from and I love them all. The Crazy Orange Pillow makes me smile so I’m adding it to Red as my next BOLD color. The pillow represents Imperfection, and the importance of not waiting for things to be Perfect. Go. Do. Be. Now. You’re Amazing Just As You Are!

I don’t even like that word: Perfect. So I add an o! calling it Perfecto! with an Italian smile, having nothing to do with being that ever-elusive, stress-inducing, energy-wasting, when-you-achieve-it-what-happens-then-that-you-can’t-achieve-by-being-happy-being-less-than-perfect… ugh that word: Perfect. 

The value of real-life Props came to life for me years ago when my husband David asked me to please go buy him a Yellow Paisley Tie. What?! (please, as in just do it, don’t ask ;) I knew he couldn’t stand yellow paisley. And tho he wears suits, he rarely wears ties… I’ll save the Yellow Paisley Tie story for my next presentation. And I’ll include it in my book.

(OK, that bugs me when people leave us hanging to wait/find something in their book. I won’t delete this, but I will not make a practice of repeating things that drive me nutz. Every time I speak I get to NOT do the stuff some keynote speakers do that, yes, drive me nutz. Don’t get me started… I’ll walk that talk instead of talking that talk, by simply being Real.)

If you remember the Imperfect of The Crazy Orange Pillow then this post has served its purpose. 

With my 52 BOLD strategies growing now beyond 100 as I write my book… I won’t be packing props for keynotes when I travel. I’ll find another way to bring the stories to life. And help make them stick. For you.

Why Props?

Because Props Of Your Life Keep You Real. And now more than ever… real people crave people who are willing to be REAL.

What Props are you packing from your Adventures called Real Life?


I mean, Perfecto!


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Photos: I love taking pictures for my blog, hard to do when I’m speaking, so thank you to Gary, the amazing sound guy at CSOM who caught these. He even found a way to tuck the mic battery pack under my hair so no cords to tangle, no bulges I didn’t need. Cool!