The Grown-Up Truth No One Tells You About Success

photo-11Think about your last Success – your everyday Success or a STELLAR Success.

And then what happened? It was up to YOU to keep creating your next Success, right? And then your next… and so on…

That’s tough to do! You need an endless surge and never-ending supply of fuel for that fire! Whew. No wonder you’re exhausted! 

And that’s exactly what keeps me passionate, fuels my fire, challenges me to keep walking my own talk, to keep creating BOLD: championing inspired people like you as you create your next Success.

Get Inspired. Get BOLD. Keep Going!



*No matter your stage of life – or your title at work – or your role at home… no matter how you define Success… to be Successful, to keep achieving Success you’ll need to keep re-igniting your own Success! Success requires (and rewards!) your focused energy, your calibrated passion, your can-do and will-do drive to keep taking inspired action… as you bring Self-Leadership with Ownership, claiming your Confidence with Calm and Class, Owning It like you own it. Get ready to fire up, fuel up, and keep re-igniting The BOLD! Factor In You. After all, when it comes to creating and sustaining your next Success: It’s Up To YOU!*  -Ann Ulrich, The BOLD! Factor®


So, about that Success you just landed last week…

Or yesterday…

Or tomorrow morning…

If you’re like me you could find 100 reasons to celebrate every step along the way to and after that Success… BRAVO YOU

Reality is, when the celebration dies down, you’re going to need to figure out how to replicate that Success. Or duplicate that Success. Or create your next new Success. To continue to achieve Success. And to continue to be a Success…

…and so on and so on and so on…

After all, you’re only as Successful as your last Success topping your previous Success, right? (If you don’t agree, think about the last time you made budget. What happened next? Or the last deal you landed. Or class you taught or program you improved. Or life you positively impacted. You kept going, bigger, better, right? No wonder we’re all exhausted!)

When it comes to creating your next success, it doesn’t take a setback to get moving forward with new motivation, or to get moving in a fresh new direction. Or to see new possibilities in opportunities that already lie right in front of you, today.

To BOLDly Re-Imagine, Re-Ignite and Re-Invent sometimes is about simple Re-Calibration – which doesn’t always require crafting a whole new life – or dumping the essence of what matters to you, or who you matter to.


Sometimes your own BOLD REV!VAL is as simple as putting a fresh perspective on a tired belief, opening fresh eyes to a blurred vision, bringing a fresh voice to a stale point of view. Or taking one courageous new action to move that mountain you’ve been trying to get around… and Smile! you have your next success.

Everyday Success Requires Your Everyday BOLD REV!VAL.

Get Inspired. Get BOLD. Keep Going!


If you don’t like or no longer believe in – or buy into – your own definition of Success… 

Why not start putting fresh wheels in new motion to change it?

It’s not easy but there is a way. It’s all about courageous Self-Leadership. Committed and willing to take inspired action, do one BOLD thing.

Own It Like You Own It.

Or Change It.

It’s Up To YOU!

((Trust Yourself. You can do this.))


©1993-2013  Ann Ulrich     THE BOLD! FACTOR®

Photo:  I love this contemporary design on a tall white vase in our living room. Simple, clean white circles inspiring thoughts of BOLD REV!VAL. Oh, the (endless) possibilities!