Celebrate Your Milestones

photo-32Celebrating milestones in your work and life keeps you moving forward, owning where you are right now, and smiling at how far you’ve come!

I hope you’ll share a recent or anticipated – personal or professional – milestone in the comments below… so we can celebrate you!

First a ripple, then a rumble, then an avalanche of momentum launch every time we celebrate each other’s success… It’s how Excellence becomes Contagious.

I’ll start the ball rolling my sharing mine: About a month ago I began writing my book. No longer talking about it… I’ve cleared the deck (not easy to do!) to stay-put (that’s the hard part!) and actually (FINALLY) get this dream accomplished.

I AM ON IT and OWNING IT. (That’s my note to self. Believe me I need it. Helps to put those notes to self in writing, doesn’t it?)

Today is truly a BOLD Exclamation Point! Day here at BOLD headquarters… I just finished crafting & drafting my book’s *52*… now the real writing begins! Wahoo!!

Haven’t had a milestone to celebrate lately? Here ya go:

The tough thing?

Some milestones are not the kind we want to celebrate. UGH those. We simply want to get through, put those behind us and hopefully keep going… right?!

The cool thing?

Your next Celebratable Milestone is up to YOU!

(We can wait to celebrate you!)


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Photo:  My TaDa! for accomplishing first (of many no doubt!) draft framing up my book.

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Milestones

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ANN!!!!! You fine tuned your “52” and you are right on schedule. Have fun celebrating this milestone over the weekend! WOW! Now the fun part begins!


    • THANK YOU CINDY!!! Oh boy, what a project! Last week I realized I was not going to make my goal date of 52 confirmed by Feb 15th. HAD to push thru and knock this one down because the tough part is ahead… the real writing!

      Aaaaaand….. I’m thinking YOU have a few big milestones deserving of a few big CONGRATULATIONS too!
      ENJOY your exciting times ahead Cindy – THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts here and see you soon!


  2. NOTE: In appreciation for sharing your comment to Celebrate your Milestones… I’ll send you a photo of my kick-a** Mirror Message Motivation – apparently it works?!


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