Fail or Failure?

photo-25We all have successes.

We all have fails.

Whether your Fail becomes a Failure is up to YOU!

Did work or life dish you a bummer situation?

Next time it happens, Relax. You have a choice:

You can let it trip you up… let it rip you apart… or let it be part of your dance!


After the music fades away, if you find you’re still stuck, here’s a powerful response that works. Every time. (Yes, I’ve had some practice!)

Your 4.0 Response To Keep Fails From Becoming Failures:

*Ouch. Observe. Own This. Onward!*

A Fail only becomes a Failure if you choose not to move on…

It’s Up To YOU!


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Photo:  Each Summer, these Aquatennial Fireworks are shot off the bridge over the river in front of our condo – so close we can feel it – so loud we can’t hear our own screams of WOW!! I loved capturing this intense sparkle rising from the smoke as rising from the river.