Earn The Relationship First

photo-13Years ago, I was brought in to lead a turnaround.

My directive was to win back revenue lost amidst a volatile marketplace.

I rolled up my sleeves and focused on meeting with the right people to get an understanding what, in their minds, the real issue was.

As is often the case, the real issue was buried deep beneath the façade of perception.

My big takeaway in that career-defining project?

Winning back lost revenue is not only about revenue…

It’s about Relationships.

When you reach out to build trust – and grant trust – you begin re-building 2-way relationships…

…and from that point forward you never need to chase the money again.


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Photo: Love the metallic focus-inducing center of this simple silvery coaster I’ve had for over 20 years.

Your BOLD Exclamation Point

IMG_1621What gifts, skills and talents do you bring… in your own unique way…

…that set YOU apart?

This is where you begin to discover Your BOLD Exclamation Point!

When you are willing to do the work to identify what YOU bring to the table (whether at work in the boardroom… or at home in the kitchen) to create and earn new success:

Your *!* becomes what you’re known for and remembered by.

Others are drawn to you, want to be around you, want more from you, and WANT WHAT YOU BRING!

How to get there from here?

First Discover.

Then Deliver.

Confidently. Consistently. Passionately.

When you can articulate Success… you can replicate Success!

What DO you want to be known for and remembered by?!


© 1993-2012 Ann Ulrich,  THE BOLD! FACTOR®   ANNULRICH.COM

Photo:  There was never a doubt in my mind as to what my logo would be when I launched my own business. Having been forever marked-down by my teachers – in probably every grade – for overly-enthusiastic overuse of the !!! in my writing, reports, art… I colored one BOLD RED in 1993… and ever since use it to my heart’s content! (!!)

It Will Always Be Easier

photo-24When is the last time you were so passionately committed…

that you were willing to climb to the top of the hill… stand alone…

silhouetted against the sky…

knowing you were in a position to be shot down?!

It will always be easierto care just enough to toss your two cents in as you walk away to follow the crowd.

It will always be easierto do just enough to get by, fit in, unnoticed.

It will always be easierto fly safely under the radar where there are no headwinds creating ripples of new success, much less churning waves of inspired innovation.

WHAT IF you stepped up, stepped out in a fresh new way that forever changed your own view of you? and in that process, expanded your view of what’s possible, what could now be accomplished…

…by this committed, capable, compassionate, confident, courageous…


Go ahead.  Trust yourself.  Climb to the top of that hill.

YES, the one you are most afraid of.

It could be just the place to start!


© 1993-2012  Ann Ulrich  THE BOLD! FACTOR®   ANNULRICH.COM

with appreciation to Dale Dauten, The Corporate Curmudgeon, for his permission to share in my work our conversation re: leadership and Dale’s powerful vision of *standing alone silhouetted against the sky in a position to be shot down*.

Photo:  Calligraphy art of a strong horse has special meaning honoring my amazing experience in Taiwan in 1990, the year of the horse.

What’s Your Happiness Trifecta?

photo-17After a few decades leading in Business in roles from Rookie to Executive to the Runway to the Boardroom to Business Owner…

And after a few more decades ;) of exciting and challenging ages and stages of living and loving and experiencing and sharing and curiously observing Life…

I am convinced the HAPPIEST people simply:


There is a powerful and winning connection between articulating and achieving the happiness you’re after right now, not just delaying as your future reality… you know, till you somehow *deserve* it then (ever wonder why some people seem to achieve Happy and some it forever eludes?!)

Delaying Happiness Is Simply An Excuse.

Look at the impact you can have TODAY if you CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

The BOLD! Factor HAPPINESS TRIFECTA: Discover Yours!

1) Know what matters in your life at this age, this stage,

2) Know what you want most to achieve as your big win, and

3) Know what achieving that big win means for you, right now.

When you know, you define HAPPINESS AS SUCCESS… in YOUR OWN terms.

Here’s Mine (I’m happiest when I walk my talk!):

1) Courageous Self-Leadership (OWN THIS. IT’S UP TO ME!)

2) Everyday Greatness & Good Enough. BOTH.  (AM I PROUD OF MY IMPACT ON THIS DAY? WAS I ACCOUNTABLE TO MYSELF IN IT? NO EXCUSES?! And realizing sometimes, in some situations (not all), Good Enough trumps bringing my A-Game!)


Happiness Is Your Choice!

How cool is that?



© 1993-2012 Ann Ulrich  THE BOLD! FACTOR®   ANNULRICH.COM

Photo:  This big-aroma bunch of bright orange roses as a gift from David’s work party inspired adding orange in our condo – in our den and on our deck – and soon to be added to the red of The BOLD! Factor. I’ve always loved Red & Purple – now also love Orange!