Do We Really Need Valentine Validation?

photo-1Ok, call me a cynic.

Why do we look to card companies, chocolatiers and florists… to validate our love, passion or lust… based on ‘proof’ this one day each year?

Do you really need Valentine Validation?

You really do, huh? You need a gift on Valentine’s Day to know how special you are?

I hate to think someone will feel ‘less than’ (or worse, greater than!) if the package that arrives at the office is for the cubicle next door… Or if a surprise on the doorstep is mis-addressed, intended for a neighbor down the street.

If nothing arrives for you, will it wreck your day? Think about it.

It will? Really?

OK then, be the sender!


And either way, let’s not let any day on the calendar determine our self-worth or validate our own sense of CONFIDENCE, our HAPPINESS, our SUCCESS, or our SMILE

Especially not that last one. Don’t stop Smiling. We need your Smile. More Smiles please!


PS… Here ya go.

Just in case you really do need flowers today…

These are just for YOU. 

By the way, I hope you realize there is someone out there who would love to be YOU.



Photo:  This recipe came from one of my clients (I can’t name them publicly as they are for now choosing to be a private BOLD! Sponsor funding one of my upcoming Keynotes) Super-healthy dark chocolate, ginger, walnuts, cranberry treat. Ah, maybe super-healthy is relative: These are SO good I indulge in UNhealthy amounts! ;) And the flowers were a gift to me from someone who created an event and knew I love BOLD orange mixed in with with all my BOLD reds.

4 thoughts on “Do We Really Need Valentine Validation?

  1. Great insight mom!! I also love the idea about making someone else’s day special, instead of focusing on what YOU get that day (or didn’t get!) I like the “create your own happiness” approach here!


  2. Cindy, Natalie, Andrea > Cheers and here’s virtual toast to you!

    Surprised to not see any *OK wait a minute here… I sure better be getting flowers and chocolate!*

    Passionate opinions shared = good for the soul… yours and mine!


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