A-Game Or Good Enough?

photo-55Ever feel like every project… every activity… every task… requires no less than bringing your A-Game?

No wonder we get exhausted, burntout and disillusioned.

There are times when *Good Enough* is better.

You decide.

Trust your Values & Priorities as your guide!


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Photo:   Love Silver. Loves mixing Patterns. Love this A of my AUI.

Re-Calibrating The Elusive Balance

photo-34When you know there’s too much…

Figure out what’s missing.


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Photo:  This gift of a sparkly little fortune cooke reminds me – in the important tasks of downsizing, de-cluttering and downtime – ancient Latin Poet Virgil’s quote: Fortune Favors The BOLD. 

Best Message I Ever Posted On My Mirror

Over a year ago, I decided forever from that day forward to

*Feel Younger, Be Stronger*

each year, re-committing on my birthday.

I’ve stayed on track and know, without a doubt, that posting this most powerful message I’ve ever posted on my mirror… (my former You Can Do This! and WOW! Keep Going! mirror messages don’t hold a candle to this one) … and reading this a few times each day, helps me focus and re-commit:


I titled it FITNESS. Why not post the same message on YOUR mirror and title it with whatever goal YOU really truly want to achieve.

It’s not magic. You have to really WANT it.

Actually, it’s more than Want. It’s more like Crave.

And above all, you must be willing to DO THE WORK to get there.

Post yours and let us know what happens!


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Photo:   Yes, straight from my mirror. Action doesn’t require Fancy. Simple can be Magic.

How Do You Wear Your Passion?

IMG_1621I wear my passion on my sleeve and when I have no sleeve I wear my passion on my arm.

Not saying that’s always good. Or welcome.

But I am saying I feel ALIVE!

Here’s how I see passion:

You either express it or you hide it.

Either way it can come back to bite you.

And if you’ve lost your passion (we all do at times) then you might be living, but are you feeling alive?

How do you wear your passion?

You get to decide!


© 1993-2012 Ann Ulrich   THE BOLD! FACTOR®   ANNULRICH.COM

Photo:  There was never a doubt in my mind as to what my logo would be when I launched my own business. Having been forever marked-down by my teachers – in probably every grade – for overly-enthusiastic overuse of the !!! in my writing, reports, art… I colored one BOLD RED in 1993… and ever since use it to my heart’s content! (!!)