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At so many stages in my life… growing up, college, new relationships, new hair colors, jobs, careers, getting married, parenting, getting hired, promotions, being boss, getting stuck, staying stuck, becoming an entrepreneur, getting fired, upsizing, downsizing, owning it, loving being out there everywhere, loving being a happy hermit, believing in myself, doubting myself, smiling so hard my face hurt, crying so hard I could wring out my pillow, soaring on top of the world, sinking in quicksand, grabbing this moment, coming alive, complicating life, simplifying everything…

I needed a WingWoman.

I needed a Confidence Makeover.

I CRAVED that. I never had that. So I created this. For Women.

I’m glad you’re here. Take a look around… You’ll know in a heartbeat whether what you need – and what I bring – might be a terrific fit.

If you’d like to explore working together, please reach me!

I’d love to hear from you so we can get to the heart of it and both learn more.

Life is complicated, right? I mean, hello 2020?!

At some point, we all need a trusted guide… a confidence makeover… our very own wingwoman.

Ready when you are.

Ann Tatarelli Ulrich  WingWoman For Women – Confidence Makeovers – Inspirational Speaker – Advancing Confident Women



“It’s hard to put into words your influence and the positive role you’ve played in my success in such a short time, Ann. The keys to our New Jersey beach house are yours. Bring your family. Anytime.”  Testimonials

“Ann has the extraordinary ability to bring out the very best in people.”  Testimonials

“Inspired by your intellect and innovation…”  Testimonials

“Ann taught us to stop looking to others to make us successful, that my success is up to me.”   Testimonials

“Ann Ulrich is a dynamic leader. She has a fantastic ability to inspire, motivate and help.”  Testimonials

“Ann Ulrich is phenomenal! A pro, through and through.”  Testimonials

“All these years, I thought it took being an extrovert to be a confident leader. You’ve shown me how to lead in my own bold way. Thank you for teaching us that our Quiet Confidence can be boldest of all.”  Testimonials


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